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Izola Saver Security Information

To safeguard your personal information Izola Bank has set up a number of services and features to ensure no external or malicious users can tamper with or access any information passed to our Bank’s IT infrastructure during your online session.

In addition to these services and features implemented to make our online web services as safe as possible for you to use, it is important that you are aware of a few threats that you may possibly encounter that may compromise the security of your information and Izola Saver accounts. Below are a few tips for you to keep in mind to ensure that your Izola Saver account is never compromised in any way.



The only way to ensure that you are visiting the legitimate Izola Saver or Izola Bank website is by checking the link shown in the address bar of your browser. The link must start with http://www.izolabank.com or http://www.izolabank.com as can be seen below.


Logging in to Izola Saver

When accessing your Izola Saver account it is important to check your browser’s address bar. Our Izola Saver website is protected using the latest Extended Validation (EV) SSL technology, which provides a way of certifying that the website genuinely belongs to Izola Bank Plc (MT). Please make sure that the address within your browser’s address bar starts with https://banking.izolabank.com/ and the address bar on your web browser* turns green when you visit the Izola Saver Login Page. Should the address bar not turn green, please immediately close your current browser window and do not attempt to login to the website. The green address bar is used to signify that the website is verified by a certificate; this certificate protects and ensures a secure connection from your pc to our IT system.


Emails or Phone Calls

Please be aware that Izola Bank will not, under any circumstance, use email to request confidential information such as personal information, passwords related to your accounts or other information of a confidential nature. Furthermore you will never be contacted by any Izola Bank employee asking you to provide account passwords over the phone (The only information Izola Bank provides is a one- time activation code used to activate your Izola Saver account or reset your Izola Saver account password; this information is sent by Izola Bank via SMS).

Should you receive any email that appears to be fraudulent, or an email that requests you to send account information, please forward the fraudulent email to helpdesk@izolasaver.com and delete the email without replying to it. If at any point you have reason to suspect that the security surrounding your Izola Saver account may have been compromised, please immediately contact the Izola Saver Help Desk via our free phone number, 0800 97 802 or via email at helpdesk@izolasaver.com. The Izola Saver Help Desk will take the necessary action to safeguard your Izola Saver Account.


Always Remember

  • You should only access the Izola Saver website from trusted computers where Internet access is secured using the latest web browsers*
  • It is recommended that an updated antivirus is installed on the computer you use to access the Izola Saver website as this will further minimise the risk of external threats
  • You should only enter your username and password after you have verified that the site is genuine using the green address bar and that the certificate owner displayed near the address bar is: Izola Bank Plc (MT)
  • You should never divulge your Izola Saver Customer ID or password to anyone
  • You will never be contacted by Izola Bank to divulge your Customer ID, password or other personal information either by phone or by email.


* Important: Only the latest browsers support EV SSL, these browsers are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 with EV extensions
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 7 and later