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The Process

A quick look at the process


What you need

  1. Your principal bank account’s IBAN.

  2. A printed legible copy of your unexpired ID card.

  3. A recent proof of address which was issued within the last six months. This can be a utility bill such as a water & electricity /or gas bill or perhaps a bank statement which clearly indicates your permanent residential address and is in your name. The proof of address may be submitted to Izola Bank by e-mail as long as it is clearly legible.


The Process

  1. Fill in the online application form.

  2. When ready press print.

  3. The website will generate and print several important documents for you to refer to and sign.

  4. You send the required signed forms and documents to Izola Bank via post.

  5. On filling in the online application you’ll receive your Izola Saver Customer ID number and the IBAN of your new Izola Saver account. You can use this information to make the first transfer from your principal bank account to your new Izola Saver account (with as little as €25) to activate your Izola Saver account.

  • When Izola Bank has processed the application you sent via post, you’ll receive an email that contains a link to a first-time login screen.
  • When you click on the emailed link, an activation code is generated and sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone.
  • The page that you land on asks for two inputs: your Customer ID number and the activation code which you will receive by SMS.
  • You then input your Customer ID number and activation code. You’ll also be asked to provide a password of your choice and to confirm it.
  • If these are correct, you’ll be prompted to provide a secret answer to a question that you select
  • The system displays a successful password creation message.
  • You are then presented with the normal Izola Saver website login page where you enter your Customer ID and password which you have just created.

And that’s it. Your account is up and running and your savings will begin to grow!