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Big Benefits

3 big benefits with Izola Saver

Admit it, we all think about creating a safe savings plan, but it’s not always that easy to implement. We might think we need to have something already saved, wonder how can we budget comfortably without it affecting our pockets... the list goes on.

But the simple truth is that not only are you never too old or young - or too early or late - to start saving, but Izola Saver is so easy, you’ll be thrilled at how little effort you had to put in!

1. Your money will grow

We offer a competitive interest rate, so as you save, your money grows.

2. Easy access

When those emergencies arise, and let’s face it they do have a way of cropping up, you can withdraw funds from the account at any time with no fees.

3. It’s so simple to use

Izola Saver couldn’t be easier. It’s all provided on a secure online platform, so you choose when you set it up, access your balance, transfer... you have control. Simply set up your account and then log in, just like you would with your usual internet banking with your main accounts.

What’s more…

Izola Saver also has a free mobile and tablet app available for Izola Saver clients for both iOS and Android platforms. It’s all about making your life that little bit simpler. You can view your account balance and also make transfers as you go along, wherever you are. If you’d like to find out more about this app – simply click here.